Classic Physique Rules

  • Classic Physique will be for competitors who want to present more muscular size than is currently acceptable for Men’s Physique, but not as extreme as the current standards for Bodybuilding. Please note that classes are restricted by a weight / height ratio.


Division “A” (up to and including 5’7”)

• Up to and including 5′ 4″ up to and including 155 lbs
• Over 5′ 4″, up to and including 5′ 5″ up to and including 160 lbs
• Over 5′ 5″, up to and including 5′ 6″ up to and including 165 lbs
• Over 5′ 6″, up to and including 5′ 7″ up to and including 170 lbs

Division “B” (over 5’7” and up to and including 5’10”)

• Over 5′ 7″, up to and including 5′ 8″ up to and including 177 lbs
• Over 5′ 8″, up to and including 5′ 9″ up to and including 185 lbs
• Over 5′ 9″, up to and including 5′ 10″ up to and including 192 lbs

Division “C” (over 5’10”)• Over 5′ 10″, up to and including 5′ 11″ up to and including 200 lbs

• Over 5′ 11″, up to and including 6′ 0″ up to and including 207 lbs
• Over 6′ 0″, up to and including 6′ 1″ up to and including 215 lbs
• Over 6′ 1″, up to and including 6’ 2″ up to and including 225 lbs
• Over 6′ 2″, up to and including 6′ 3″ up to and including 232 lbs
• Over 6′ 3″ up to and including 240 lbs

Please note that classes and divisions are subject to change depending on show size.


1. Trunks must meet the following criteria:
(a) Plain opaque in style.
(b) Solid black in color.
(c) Cloth fabric in material (no plastic, rubberized, or similar material).
(d) Matt in texture (no shiny material).
(e) No ornamentation, frills, large logos, lacework edges and/or borders.
(f) The trunks must be at least 15 cm (6”) high on the sides.
2. Except for a wedding ring, competitors will not wear footwear, glasses, watches, bangles, pendants, earrings, wigs or artificial aids to the figure.
3. The use of padding anywhere in the trunks is prohibited. Implants or fluid injections to change the natural shape of any part or muscle of the body are strictly prohibited and may result in disqualification of the competitor.
4. Athletes are expected to have a natural and healthy looking tan. Staining, removable bronzers are strictly prohibited.
5. CBBF contests do not permit competitors to cross over into Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Physique or Bikini at the same event.


Muscularity and Body Condition

Judges will be looking for competitors who display muscular size, symmetry, balance and proportion, with an emphasis on definition and condition. The ideal physique will display an aesthetic appearance highlighted by a small waist.


Athletes will line up offstage in numerical order. Competitors will walk out on stage in a line as guided by the stage marshal and line up as directed, depending on the number of competitors on stage.

1. The entire line-up is brought onstage, in numerical order and in a single line or two lines, if necessary.

2. The line-up is divided into two equal-size groups and is positioned onstage so that one group is to the left of the stage; the other group is to the right of the stage. The center portion of the stage is left open for comparison purposes.

3. In numerical order, and in groups of not more than eight competitors at a time, each group is directed to the center-stage area to perform the following mandatory poses: All individual comparisons are to be carried out center-stage


Mandatory Poses will be performed and include the following poses:

A. Quarter Turn Right

B. Quarter Turn Back

C. Quarter Turn Right

D, Quarter Turn Front 

E. Front Double Biceps 

F. Side Chest 

G. Back Double Biceps 

H. Side Triceps 

I. Vacuum Pose

J. Abdominals and Thighs 

K. Classic pose of Athlete’s choice in standing front position – no Most Muscular

The CBBF Chief Judge will then request the group do their mandatory poses. Judges will have the opportunity to compare competitors against each other in mandatory poses. Once your group is finished you will return to the line. Stay posed.

When the judges are satisfied, the Head Judge will ask you to exit the stage.


Posing Routine:

Athletes will line up offstage in numerical order. Each individual is required to do a 60 second posing routine, to their choice of music (profanity, racial / sexual slurs and inappropriate verbiage is NOT allowed. If we find that your music contains any of these things, your music will be stopped and you may be disqualified from the competition).

Your routine should include the following:

• Poses and movements that highlight your best features
• Smooth transitions between movements
• Good musicality
• Additional physical prowess that you have: flexibility, dance, gymnastics…

Once the individual routine is completed, exit the stage and line back up numerically. Athletes will line up offstage in numerical order. Competitors will walk out on stage in a line as guided by the stage marshal and line up as directed, depending on the number of competitors on stage.

The top 5 competitors will be called out to center stage line and may be asked to do mandatory poses. They will then do a pose-down. Awards will then be handed out.

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