CBBF Residency Requirements

An athlete competing at the National and International Level as a member of the CBBF is required to be a Natural born Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Canada.  For more info regarding proof click below:

IFBB International Events Information

  1. No member of the Federation shall participate in any IFBB international event without the prior approval of the Federation.
  2. The Federation shall be the final authority on deciding whether a member is eligible to participate at an IFBB international event.
  3. The Federation shall be empowered to decide which Canadian athletes and officials represent Canada at IFBB international events.
  4. All athletes shall be drug tested, prior to competing in an IFBB international event, preferably at the CBBF National World Qualifier event, held annually.
  5. Funding for athletes shall be determined by the Federation, prior to agreement of sending athletes to an IFBB international event.
  6. At the IFBB International Events Qualifier, weight classes for Bodybuilding have been limited. Depending on number of competitors the number classes may be increased.
  7. All athletes at the IFBB International Events Qualifier will be weighed and heights recorded. This will facilitate correct classes for selection by the CBBF Selection Committee for members of Team Canada, when official classes are combined.

To compete during the year at an IFBB World Championship, an athlete must place that year at the IFBB International Events Qualifier:

  1. Overall winners are invited to compete at that years IFBB World Championships.
  2. Class winners are invited, dependent on the amount and caliber of athletes in their class at the IFBB International Events Qualifier.  If a class winner declines the invitation the CBBF may invite a second or even a third place finisher to compete at an IFBB World Championship.
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