In light of the recent announcement from the NPC regarding their decision to leave the IFBB Amateur Division there have been many questions with regards to where that leaves the CBBF.

Many of the athletes are questioning where this puts us as an association and what will become of our National events etc.

Please be assured that the CBBF is operating at status quo and is still under the IFBB Amateur Division.  The Ben Weider Legacy Cup and all IFBB World Championship events will continue and Pro Cards will be awarded at the Legacy Cup and to the IEQ Champions. 

First and foremost we need to ensure that we are looking after the best interest of all our members, therefor doing our due diligence is a must.  The CBBF will communicate to all of you any and all information as we receive it. 

Thank you for your patience as all of this unfolds, and as soon as we have updates we will communicate immediately.

Georgina Dunnington

CBBF Chairperson

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