Attention All CBBF Athletes

Attention all CBBF athletes

With the announcement made by Ron Hache this past Sunday in Toronto, there have been several rumours that the CBBF is disbanding and all National Events are cancelled for 2018.

I can assure all of you that this is not the case.

The CBBF is dedicated to the Amateur athlete base in Canada and we want to ensure that all athlete’s have a choice. Provincial and National levels events are scheduled for 2018 as well as we have two confirmed Elite Pro Shows in Canada with a possibility of a third!

IFBB International World Qualifier – Team Canada World Championship Teams and IFBB Elite Pro Cards
May 19, 2018
Laval PQ

Canadian National Bodybuilding, Classic Bodybuilding and Bikini Championships – IFBB Elite Pro Cards
July 14, 2018
Laval PQ

Canadian Figure and Physique Championships – IFBB Elite Pro Cards
Date to be determined

We appreciate that all the information has left some in a state of confusion however we can assure you that the CBBF remains strong. We will have more information coming in the next few days.

Georgina Dunnington
CBBF Chairperson

Memo to Current CBBF Athletes

To all Current CBBF Athletes:

Due to recent communications with regards to the structure of the Vancouver Pro Show opening a new amateur pro-qualifying event, there have been several comments that the CBBF appears to be idle and has not provided a statement on what the future will be of the CBBF.

Let me assure you that the CBBF is dedicated to all of our Amateur Athletes and our Provincial Associations. The CBBF wanted to have all of the facts in order to make an informed decision that would be best for all involved before issuing a formal statement.

The CBBF, upon returning from Las Vegas, asked the major questions of both organizations as to how this will affect Canada and our organization. We have only received communications from one side that completely answered our questions. Having seen the letter from Michelle Krack has now answered the questions that were still unanswered for us.

At this point I can only ask for your patience as we have to discuss with our Provincial Associations how we are going to proceed before we can communicate this to our membership. The CBBF, in no way, wants to see our Provincial Associations disbanded as we offer an invaluable service to all of the amateur athletes throughout Canada.

The CBBF will be meeting this evening to put a timeline plan in place. Please remember that we are also working on four International events that are happening in the next three months and we all have full time jobs that take precedence.

We hope to have all of our questions answered in the coming days and if not, the coming weeks, as we have to work with the schedules of all 10 provinces.

Georgina Dunnington
CBBF Chairperson


In light of the recent announcement from the NPC regarding their decision to leave the IFBB Amateur Division there have been many questions with regards to where that leaves the CBBF.

Many of the athletes are questioning where this puts us as an association and what will become of our National events etc.

Please be assured that the CBBF is operating at status quo and is still under the IFBB Amateur Division.  The Ben Weider Legacy Cup and all IFBB World Championship events will continue and Pro Cards will be awarded at the Legacy Cup and to the IEQ Champions. 

First and foremost we need to ensure that we are looking after the best interest of all our members, therefor doing our due diligence is a must.  The CBBF will communicate to all of you any and all information as we receive it. 

Thank you for your patience as all of this unfolds, and as soon as we have updates we will communicate immediately.

Georgina Dunnington

CBBF Chairperson

2017 Ben Weider Legacy Cup

OCTOBER 21ST, 2017

Website for full info:

For Canada, Top 15 from the current year at the Canadian Nationals and Canadian world qualifier and the top 5 from the above events in 2016 are qualified, All Canadian competitors must provide a current Provincial Association membership, along with their qualification. Contact the CBBF President, Georgina, for confirmation.

Inspection Report


September 19, 2017

The IFBB PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE will honor its commitment of offering twelve IFBB Professional League cards to the competitors from USA, Mexico, and Canada competing at the Ben Weider Legacy Cup on October 21st in Toronto Canada.

Coming This Fall!

Exciting news!!

The Canadian Body Building Federation produces some of the top professional body building & fitness physique athletes in the world. We are proud to announce the launching of a digital magazine focused exclusively on our CBBF membership coming this fall.

Continue to follow us for more details.

CBBF Athlete Code of Ethics

With the recent outbursts from some of the athletes who recently competed at the CBBF National Bodybuilding event that are being shared on social media, the CBBF would like to remind all athletes of the CBBF Code of Conduct which is located on the CBBF website ByLaw 15 Athlete Code of Ethics.

The recent disparaging remarks made against specific judges was inappropriate, derogatory, offensive and insulting to the entire CBBF.

The CBBF will not tolerate online bullying and should anyone decide to take this route, the CBBF will take immediate action to suspend the athlete (s) indefinitely from participating in any IFBB/ CBBF sanctioned event in any capacity.

The CBBF Executive

Avec les récents agissements de certains athlètes qui ont récemment participé au Championnat Canadien CBBF qui circulent sur les médias sociaux, la CBBF tient à rappeler que tous les athlètes doivent se conformer au Code de conduite de la CBBF, code disponible sur le site web de la CBBF.

Les remarques récemment faites contre des juges spécifiques étaient inappropriées, dérogatoires, offensantes et insultantes pour l’ensemble de la CBBF.

La CBBF ne tolérera pas la cyberintimidation et si quelqu’un décide de prendre cette voie, la CBBF prendre des mesures immédiates pour suspendre indéfiniment le(s) athlète(s) de participer à un événement sanctionné IFBB/CBBF.

L’exécutif de CBBF

Website Issues

We apologize for the inconvenience lately – the website was in the process of being upgraded and unexpected downtime occurred.

Judges Feedback

The CBBF will provide judges critique from any of the CBBF National Events at no cost to the athlete.
Please ensure to provide official stage photos by David Ford from the event when sending the request via email to

Our Chief Judge Debbie Karpenko endeavors to answer all of these requests in a timely manner however please take into consideration the hundreds of emails received , your patience is greatly appreciated.

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