The CBBF is a participant in the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) code.  As part of the WADA code we are required to report all doping infractions via website (listed below).

The WADA International Standard Prohibited List:
2018 Prohibited List

Directly below is the CBBF Anti-Doping Policy that athletes must comply with:
CBBF Anti-Doping Policy (2016)

Also attached is the Therapeutic Use Exemptions form:
CBBF Anti-Doping TUE Form
NOTE: The TUE form needs to be submitted to the CBBF a minimum of 30 days prior to the tested event for review.

Take note of this handy athlete pocket-guide regarding anti-doping:
IFBB Anti-doping pocket guide

Current Doping Control Suspensions

2013 CBBF Positive Results
NameSexSportViolationIneligibility expiry
JUSTIN HELLER MBodybuildingPresence: Stanozolol29/07/2015
ANTONIA LUISMBodybuildingPresence: Stanozolol03/03/2015
CHRIS DAVISMBodybuildingPresence: testosterone,oxandrolone,stanozolol, tamoxifen,furosemide,MHA, SARMs18/05/2015
Presence: pethidine,canrenone18/05/2015
RYAN BELLMBodybuildingPresence: selective androgen receptor, modulators (SARMs) 18/05/2015
SHAE LAROCQUEMBodybuildingPresence: THC (11-nor-9-carboxy-delta9-, tetrahydrocannabinol)15/06/2015
SHAWN M. GUIDRYMBodybuildingPresence: THC (11-nor-9-carboxy-delta9-, tetrahydrocannabinol)07/09/2014
JAMES ELLIOTTMBodybuildingPresence: Stanozolol09/09/2016
2014 CBBF Positive Results
NameSexSportViolationIneligibility expiry
MACHA DOVARDFFigurePresence: clenbuterol, mesterolone metabolites, de metabolites, Anastrozole, Tamoxifene metabolites09/08/2016
ARASHI FATTAHIMBodybuildingPresence: Hydrochlorothiazide and metabolite,Triamterene, Methenolone and metabolites, Mesterolone metabolites, Tamoxifen metabolites09/08/2016
Triamterene, Canrenone, Hydrochrolothiazide, and metabolite. Furosemide, Clenbuterol09/08/2016