Ben Weider Legacy Cup – Masters Note

Information on Masters Categories at this event:

The IFBB granted permission to allow masters category to this competition. At the time of the approval, these were the classes listed in the inspection report and added to the final agreement, there may have been some confusion with regards a split between ages and there being Masters and Grand Master classes being offered at this event. Provided athletes are qualified they can compete in the masters’ classes that are currently listed on the registration form. Athletes that may have registered with the intention of competing in a grandmasters category these classes are not available. Those that wish to be refunded as they do not wish to compete in the masters’ category will be allowed to do so. Please contact Georgina at

For further information about the Ben Weider Legacy Cup please refer to the inspection report posted below or visit

Ben Weider Legacy Cup

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In order to compete in this event you must have placed top 5 at a CBBF National Event in 2015 or top 15 from the 2016 CBBF National Events.

Weider Inspection Report (Information Package)

We are thrilled and excited to announce the largest amateur show in Canada!

The Ben Weider Legacy Cup will be held in Edmonton, Alberta on September 10, 2016 at the Ramada Edmonton Hotel & Conference Centre 11834 Kingsway Avenue, Edmonton. This is first annual show and is open to an International field of Amateur Competitors from across North America.

Canadian Brothers Joe and Ben Weider founded the IFBB in 1946. Joe became a publisher and trainer of the champions, while his brother Ben made the IFBB World Wide Sports Organization.

We are proud to keep up the Ben Weider Legacy by organizing a new competition concept under his name. The Ben Weider Legacy Cup was created by the IFBB President Dr. Raphael Santonja.

The Ben Weider Legacy Cup is an IFBB Sanctioned Competition and the overall winners will receive their Pro Cards.

The following are the selected classes for the competition:
Men’s bodybuilding
Classic men’s bodybuilding (no pro card but a qualification to an elite European competition)
Men’s Physique
Women’s physique

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CBBF athletes competing in 2016 NPC North Americans

Although there is a deadline and late entry fee listed on the official site for the North Americans, Mr. Udit has confirmed there is no late entry penalty for CBBF athletes.

In order to avoid the late payment fee all CBBF entries must be processed manually and not through the online application process.

CBBF athletes must receive a letter of recommendation from the CBBF, at the time of a request we will forward the paper-based application with your letter of recommendation for processing. Entry fee payment must be sent in USD funds.

All requests for letters and entry forms must be sent to

Georgina Dunnington
CBBF Chairperson

Posing Attire for Women’s Physique Class

It has recently come to the attention of the CBBF Executive that there has been some confusion on the rules regarding posing attire for Women’s Physique.
This is not a rule change that was recently implemented. This rule was in place last year for our 2015 CBBF National Events. We do understand that style evolves and suits can change drastically from year to year.

The CBBF proactively made the decision last year to limit connectors on Women’s physique suits to eliminate the possibility of suit malfunction for the athletes. Straps holding the top together or straps holding the bottoms together being constructed primarily of connectors have a higher chance of breaking in a Women’s Physique posing routine than on a bikini athlete as their posing has far less movement than a 60 second posing routine.

The following rule will be implemented for our 2016 Figure Fitness Physique event:


  • Connectors that are stitched to the fabric of the suit are allowed.
  • Connectors that are not stitched to the fabric of the suit will be disallowed.


We apologize for any confusion that may have been caused to the athletes.


Georgina Dunnington
CBBF Chairperson

2016 Bodybuilding, Bikini and Classic Physique Canadian Nationals

2016 Poster Winnipeg

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Category Crossovers (Bodybuilding/Classic)

We have recently discussed the parameters around some of the classes and one item that came up was crossovers between the new classic physique class and open bodybuilding and “Will the CBBF allow athletes to cross over between the two classes?”.

In the past we did not have consistency on this rule as we did allow classic bodybuilding and open bodybuilding athletes to cross over between the disciplines at the IFBB event qualifier. Effective immediately and including the 2016 events we will not allow crossovers at any of the CBBF National events including the IFBB event qualifier.

One of the most compelling reasons is athlete ability to have an opportunity to become a part of the World Team. With allowing crossovers in past we have had cases where the same athlete wins both disciplines and if for some reason, such as in 2014 when such winner was disqualified, it did not allow an athlete from either discipline to participate on Team Canada.

National Events

I am pleased to announce after careful consideration we have confirmed all three CBBF National Events for 2016.

We were pleased to have received so many proposals for consideration.
The following are the dates and locations, more information will be communicated in the coming months.

Je suis heureux d’annoncer, après mûre réflexion, que nous avons confirmé tous les trois événements nationaux CBBF pour 2016. étions heureux d’avoir reçu tant de propositions aux fins d’examen. Voici les dates et les lieux, plus d’informations seront communiquées dans les prochains mois.

2016 IFBB International Events Qualifier
June 25th 2016
Casino Moncton
Moncton NB
Promoters: Heather and Ti -Jean Leblanc

2016 CBBF National Bodybuilding , Bikini and Classic Physique Championships
July 23rd 2016
RBC Convention Center
Winnipeg Manitoba
Promoters: Manitoba Amateur Bodybuilding Association

2016 CBBF Figure Fitness Physique Championships
August 13,2016
Massey Theater
New Westminster BC
Promoters: Dean and Leigh Brandt – Extreme Promotions

Georgina Dunnington, CBBF Chairperson